Vintage Stunt Championships

30th Annual Vintage Stunt Championships

The Vintage Stunt Championships (VSC) is a large multi-day control line aerobatics (stunt) competition that features only model designs from the past.  Its purpose is to celebrate the roots of control line stunt from its early heyday of the 1940's thru the 1960’s.

The event was originated by Mike Keville and first held at the Whittier Narrows flying site in southern California in 1988.  It was an instant success and attracted a large following immediately.   Following the first event it has been held annually in March in Tucson Arizona.  The 2018 events marks the 30th anniversary of this most successful event. 


The contest has grown and currently runs for 5 days.  The following events are flown:

  • Old Time Stunt – Aerobatics competition for models designed in 1952 or prior.
  • Old Time Stunt Ignition – same as above but must be powered by a spark ignition engine.
  • Classic Stunt – Aerobatics competition for models designed in 1969 or prior.
  • Super 70’s – Aerobatics competition for models designed between 1970-1980.
  • Ringmaster Stunt – Aerobatics competition for Ringmaster designs only,  Ringmaster was a popular and ubiquitous design in the 1950’s and 60's.